About Laura's Artisan

For 6 years I have owned and operated a Travel Agency When the Pandemic hit in March 2020, I went from a flourishing Company making a profit to zero in less than 24 hours, I am not one to sit by and wait for something to happen, I wanted to make something happen and knew I had to pivot.
Why Bread??? Bread baking fills the home with love and creation. The smell of fresh baked bread is like no other comfort. My journey began with "Breaking Bread" with friends and family and what better way than to share my passion and artistic creations.
I went back to my Roots, I come from a family of home cooks, my Great Grandmother, Grandmother, Mom and Aunt, I guess you could say it is in my genes.
This is my passion, my therapy one might say, to share the love cooking in my creations it is an expression of who I am.
Being apart of our Culinary experience is not something I just thought of and then made it happen. I have worked in the industry, as a sous chef, front and back of the house and managed staff.
Laura's Artisan is open, Friday, Saturday and Monday. This is always subject to change. I do prefer 24 hours in advance, every meal, soup, bread, and /or cookies I create is fresh and made to order.
Deliveries are made between 3pm and 4pm, pickup can be provided.

I look forward to cook when you don't want to.